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Why I am a little distracted this weekend, or, What To Do When Your Hostess Has a Heart Attack
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Miss Manners might say:

Be useful, especially when 911 callbacks need to be made due to dropped calls.

Opening doors for emergency response personnel is mannerly and useful.

So is schlepping things to and from the hospital for the person undergoing tests.

So is giving lettuce leaves to the hamster and making sure the husband of the person in the hospital eats.

Anyhow, I'm a little distracted just now. Teresa is doing well, and in very good hands, and we await the results of various tests to see what happens next.

When I postponed my flight home this past Tuesday due to not feeling at all well, I figured a few days of recuperation and then a quiet weekend and then home. I didn't expect all this. But I am very glad to be here and to be able to help, because having two of us (me and Patrick) to be tag-team has proven very useful.

And now I go watch more Buffy episodes. Catch you later.

Bless you all, and prayers for Teresa.

Thank you all for your many prayers. Each of you are now and forever in the prayers of our entire family.

Oh shit.

I'm so glad you were there!

Here's to a speedy recovery, and I hope you get to feeling better too.

Er, and I didn't mean that to sound dismissive of you, but seeing it there, that's the way it sounds in my head when I read it. :(

I want everyone to be doing well.

Oh my. :(

Good thoughts to Teresa, and to all of you.

May I recommend checking Xopher @189 in Remembrances and anniversaries on ways of "keeping a good thought" for someone?


My best wishes to you all

(Deleted comment)

Best wishes to you all, and I hope Teresa is well and out of the hospital soon.

Uff da, what a thing.

Wishing strength to the very good hands (in various roles in this situation).

So glad you were there to help and be supportive. If we can help in any way, let us know. Please tell TNH and PNH that they are in our thoughts and prayers.

kate and ernie

Oh dear. I'm glad that you are there, and are helpful, and are you. You remember to eat, too.

Keep taking care of yourself as well as them, please.

Oh dear. Eek.

Here's wishing you all health, strength, and peace of mind, to be apportioned as needed.

Oh, my.

Yes, opening the doors and directing 911 to the house is a good thing. And all those taking-care-of-daily business things are not to be underestimated.

Oh my. I'm glad you're there to help out too. Hope you feel better soon. Hope that Teresa recovers quickly and is out of the hospital soon. Hope that Patrick is ok through all of this. Dealing with hospitals is stressful and enervating.

The three of you are in my thoughts.

I hope that everything works out well and I'm glad that you were there to help. Hope Teresa is doing better soon.

Oh, I'm so sorry to hear it! I hope Teresa feels better soon and my thoughts are with her and Patrick.

Best to TNH and PNH. I hope recovery goes well and speedily.

Oh, dear heaven. If there's anything we can do, pleasepleaseplease tell us.

Crapcrapcrap. 8>{


You are just the one I'd want around in such a situation. I'm sorry it is a situation. Give my best to everybody and do keep a generous bit for yourself.


Yikes, that's frightening news. Take care, all of you.


Holy frackng shiznent!

all the best wishes for everyone and a speedy recovery.

It sounds like a blessing that your return was delayed.

My heart goes out to all, I loves yous all for various reasons and it would be really bad not to have you here.


Yes, Miss Manners would say those things, and I'm very glad you're on hand to do them.

Please give my love to P&T, and keep a good measure of it for yourself, too.

Updates as you have them would also be welcome. Within the confines of P&T's wishes, obviously. And if there's anything I can do from MA, or by coming down, please let me know. Having someone around with a car might prove useful over the next week or two.

Good point re car! I volunteer mine, also.



Holding Teresa and Patrick in my prayers, and your good self as well. And the med teams. Take good care!

It's a good thing that you were there to help.

My husband had a mild heart attack on August 26th. Having someone there means a great deal.

Please send my best wishes for a speedy recovery. My thoughts are with you all. If there's anything I can do, let me know.


Holy craptastic crap! Tell her she dare not get worse and dare only get better.

and when I told Margene

she reminded me i've been extremely supportive because I've been with her for all the chemo this summer. (she 'graduated' Thursday and has a round of radiation to go. but that is apparently less stressful.)

I hope for the best for Teresa, and I'm glad you are there.

Re: and when I told Margene

Radiation is definitely less stressful.

signed, been there, done that

(best wishes to Margene)


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