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ArtLog: Magpie Telegraph!
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Last time I had a sale, I gave away some goodies to a person drawn randomly from a list of people who had put links to the sale in their LJ or blog. Somebody replied to it as the Magpie Telegraph Alert System, and I rather liked that.

It was fun. Let's do it again, yah? Here are the rules for this time:

1. Put a link to the June Shiny Sale in an LJ or blog that is publically readable (no friends-locked posts count).
2. Come here and tell me where your link is.
3. At the end of the sale (which will be either Monday night or Tuesday night, depending on when all the photos get uploaded), I'll draw a name from everyone who's posted their link here.

The winner will get one of two things:

A gift certificate for $50 (if they haven't bought anything in the sale, or have bought less than $30 worth of shinies.)
A gift certificate for $100 (if they've bought more than $30 worth of shinies in the sale).

Gift certificate is for additional goodies only; in other words, no dibsing something and then hoping you win so you can pay it off, please. 
Gift certificate is transferrable this time, so feel free to make your friends happy if you know somebody's been pining for something.

Thank you, O Magpie Telegraph!  My exchequery thanks you, and so will the nice catering people for the Very Shiny Evening of Readings and Celebration at Fourth Street. (Yep, I'm doing this sale to make up for missing half of WisCon. Thanks for participating -- I appreciate it a lot. You guys are the best.)

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I bring you bloggy goodness here: http://matociquala.livejournal.com/1392016.html

And because I suspect she won't tell you about it, there was pimpage from coffeeem: http://coffeeem.livejournal.com/70937.html

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You can has blog link: Thread, Bare.

I am so glad someone bought "Odd Dinosaur Out". My clicky finger was getting extremely twitchy, and I really should stick to my budget right now. Of course, we haven't seen what's coming yet...

Post here.

And "While You Dream, The Bears Are Working" is hiding from me. I'm afraid I put them Somewhere Clever the day I came down with the Wiscon plague.



(Obviously I need to buy some more stuff to go over the $30 limit. Sigh.)

I just discovered you, when my FList came up with three posts about you in a row. Oh, such lovely things!
And I linked to the sale, here.

OK. There, I've done it. Spread round 'cos of the improbability of visitors to any. Also mentioned and linked to the chapbook ordering entry, tho' I suspect it mayn't need more publicity, I didn't think it'd hurt.

I linked it here! And then told my family to go and look, too. Just in case they were thinking of buying me any presents... *g*


Not that it will alert anyone who doesn't already know. Better than half my flist today is all about teh shinee.

..that's a friends-locked entry.

Yup, and as such, isn't eligible. Alas!

And Now I'm really peeved as I marked it as public and some how it was tagged viewable to me only. Sorry.

Notified here: Must - Exercise - Self-Restraint....

Hi, I put in a link this morning, though I suspect most of my friends already know about this, if they wear or give jewelry.

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Is great icon! You're joining a tradition; I know of at least two other folks with Elisian Shinies icons.

My last LJ post was about your shiny sale with link - and I also emailed it to my mom so she could ooh and ahh too.

I know I am late to the party, but last minute advertising never hurt anything! Here's my link!

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