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ArtLog: the great June Shiny Clearance Sale! - ALL DONE. THANK YOU!
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I"ve got a chapbook* to pay for, a Very Shiny Evening of Readings and Celebration to bankroll, and Worldcon to plan for. I'm swamped. It must be time to have a sale. Woo-hoo!

By the way, I have indented things that are sold; please let me know if this makes the list more readable.

HOW TO PURCHASE: as always, if you want something, send e-mail to gimme@lioness.net.

Linked necklaces by the inch:
"The Waters of Twilight Are Endless" - a sterling silver necklace ithat turned out to be 27' 11" long, which is too long for anybody to wear. So I'm selling it by the inch, and will make it up into bracelets, anklets, necklaces, whatever for you. $4/inch plus clasp cost. $3/inch, one simple sterling clasp included. (Fancy clasps or multiple clasps available at extra charge.) Inches must be consecutive, but first one who purchases can call the blue cat if they like. ;-) SOLD SO FAR: 8" for a bracelet; 24" for a necklace with the cat bead; 30" for a necklace; 8" for another bracelet; 8" for still another bracelet;  another 8" bracelet; a 15" double-wrap bracelet... and there are still 249" left.  Plenty of room!

"The Post-Colonial Literature of Elves: Underneath" bracelet: stone, sterling silver. It's mostly a rich medium chocolate brown with bits of green. $55 $25 SOLD

Hair Ornaments (mostly Maddy's Hair Toys -style ones, this time):
3-lotus hair toy: glass, sterling silver, and a clip-comb. $50 $35  SOLD
"A Bear Ponders the Woods" hair toy: stone, glass, sterling silver, and a clip-comb. $28 $20 SOLD
"Three Ways to Get There" hair toy: rainbow moonstone, labradorite, glass, sterling silver, and a base metal clip-comb to hold it securely. $50, $35, and, as always, my thanks to Maddy G. for inspiration and design assistance for this style of shiny. SOLD
...and I shall have to make some more hair toys, obviously!

Earrings, unnamed:
somewhat fragile experimental earrings: another pair of incredible borosilicate lampwork beads from Stoney Marie, Swarovski crystal cubes, and a bunch of sterling silver. $78 $50 SOLD

Earrings, named:
"And from what hills I cannot say...." earrings: lampwork by Stoney Marie, Swarovski crystal cubes and sterling silver. $56 $40 SOLD
"Bearousel" earrings: stone, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver. $29 $20  SOLD
"Bears in Egypt" earrings: jasper, glass, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver. $40 $28 SOLD
"Clear Days Anticipating the Harvest" earrings: glass, sterling silver, and a smile. $26 $18 $15 $10 SOLD
"Ghost Town Council" earrings: jasper bears, Stoney Marie lampwork, sterling silver. $50 $40 SOLD

"Imaginary Worlds" earrings: Stoney Marie lampwork, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver. $80, $68, $60 and these are quite changeable but always amazing.
"Miss Undine's Third-Grade Class" earrings: Moe Cooper lampwork, glass and sterling silver. $40 $25 SOLD
"Northern Swamp Magic" earrings: Stoney Marie lampwork, Swarovski and other crystal, glass, sterling silver. $88 $68 SOLD
"Snuffling for Dreams" earrings: stone, glass, sterling silver. Like truffle pigs, except for dreams. $24 $18 SOLD

"sugarcandypotiongirl" earrings: lampwork by Stoney Marie, Swarovski crystal cubes, glass and sterling silver. Oh, man, those are cool beads. $64 $50 $45 $40
"The Post-Colonial Literature of Elves: Inside the Thunder" earrings: stone, sterling silver, glass. $24 $18 $15 SOLD
"The Post-Colonial Literature of Elves: My Sky, Your Moon" earrings: stone, sterling silver. $32 $25 SOLD

"The Post-Colonial Literature of Elves: The Strand and the Deep" earrings: glass, stone, sterling silver, and the sound of waves breaking. $32 $26 SOLD

"The River that Feeds Us" earrings: lampwork by Stoney Marie, Swarovski crystal cubes, glass and sterling silver. $78 $58 SOLD

"The True History of the West in Three Sunsets" earrings: lampwork by Stoney Marie, Swarovski crystal cubes, glass and sterling silver. $75 $68 SOLD
"They Sprang Up Wherever Her Tears Fell" earrings: glass, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver. $30 $20  SOLD

"When the Icewings Migrate" earrings: Swarovski crystal, glass, sterling silver. $34 $15 SOLD
"When They Walked Here" earrings: Swarovski crystal, glass, sterling silver. Big beads, a little heavy, but very cool. Love the tiger stripes. $40 $25 $22  SOLD

"You've Got Bears In Your Blood, Girl" earrings: Stoney Marie lampwork, Swarovski crystal, jasper bears, sterling silver. $85 $60 $52 $48

"Neptune's Daughter" necklace-crown: gold filled wire, slab pearls, Swarovski crystals in various almost-clear colors. I was playing with the off-white pearls and the elusive colored highlights that dance on them, as well as trying out a very flexible design. See how I can curl it around (carefully!) almost twice? I think this might be handy if pinning it around a chignon or whatchamacallit. $450, and would be a lot more if I took the gold prices today into consideration, so and there may be a mark-UP, because Juan's lectures to me are having an effect.... $350, and that's a pretty darned good deal, considering the cost of gold lately. SOLD

Gorgets and other sculptural necklaces:
"Brought to Light" gorget with pendant and chain: lampwork glass, coral, sterling silver. $275 $240 $230

Linked necklaces:
"All the Currents Are One Current; All the Tides, One Tide" necklace: gold filled wire, labradorite, aquamarine, Swarovski crystal, metal, prehnite, plastic, lampwork glass, and so on. I tried to take pictures in a bunch of different lighting conditions to give you a good idea of it. Also, the shot of me with my chin wrinkled up is because I am in the land of ouch today. But it does give you an idea of the length of the piece and how it drapes. $625 $495, and a heckuva deal. SOLD
"Doll with a Ghost in It, II" necklace: glass, wood, plastic, vintage buttons, sterling silver, a tiny glass bottle with a pearl and some really spooky corroded pins in it, and so on. This is a major piece of work. $725 $500 $450 $440
"Fair Maid on the Shore" necklace: lampwork from Beau Hawn, glass, sterling silver, Venetian glass, etc. $225 $170  SOLD
"Her Mermaid II" necklace: shell, amethyst, dyed pearl/shell, plastic, glass, and wonder. $115 $80 $75
$70  SOLD
"The Mermaid Dreams of Land" necklace: lampwork and other glass, sterling silver, and so on. $340 $295 $275 $265 $250
"Moggy's Dream" necklace: Natural Touch resin, glass, sterling silver. 4 and 3/4 feet long, and amazingly light. $260 $210 $180 $175 $160  SOLD
"Odd Dinosaur Out" necklace: sterling silver wire, lampwork from Barefoot Beads and from Gray Parrot, glass, twenty-six beads made from agatized dinosaur bone, and a flaming meteor clasp. $225 $200 SOLD

"Seventy Thousand Names for Home" necklace: sterling silver and ocean jasper. $275 $200 $185 $175
"Sidhe Triumphans" necklace: lampwork glass, Swarovski crystal, fire-polished crystal, other glass, dyed agate, rescued vintage purple crystal, sterling silver, and so on. About eight feet long. $580 $450 $425
"That Which Is Precious" necklace: glass, wood, lampwork (H K Holly, Moe Cooper, and Unknown), dyed onyx, plastic, ceramic, sterling silver. $375 $295  $270 $240 SOLD
"There Is A Way From Here To There" necklace: lampwork, Venetian and other glass, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver, and a lot of distressed matte glass. $325 $265 $240 $230 $220  SOLD

"There's Plenty of Fish in the Sky" necklace: glass, Swarovski crystal, dichroic lampwork, plastic bead from mysterious sources, sterling silver, and love. (Thank you, Mike, for the title.) About six and a half feet long. $400 $375 $360
"The Three-Sided Promise" necklace: various glass, including Swarovski and other crystal, sterling silver, and music. $265 $195 $175  SOLD
"Tinkerbell Tells All" necklace: opalite and other glass, that stuff they call "Peruvian opal" which still looks like chalcedony to me, aquamarine, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver, and so on. $220 $185 $175
"To Know Is Not the Same Thing As To Understand, #5" necklace: 16 gauge sterling silver, turquoise, Roman glass bead with inlaid stuff (very wonderful extremely beat-up distressed bead), trade beads, handmade lampwork from Grey Parrot Studio, horn, and so on. $280  $210  $200 $190 $180
"Twilight Has Two Doors" necklace: sterling silver, opals with purple and other flash, color-treated shell/pearl, glass, and wistfulness, I think. $545 $430
What Can Blight Can Bless, I" necklace: glass, fiber optic beads, blue goldstone glass, furnace glass, shell, wood, serpentine, other stone, and sterling silver. $270 $195 $180 $175
"What's Time to a Fish?" necklace: Natural Touch resin, glass, sterling silver. 35" long. $115 $90 $85 $80

Pendants, named:
"Beloved Argument" pendant: stone and sterling silver. Really cool yellow-green and white. $45 $30  SOLD
"Cabinet of Wonders" – rock polished by MB, GF wire $85 $55  SOLD
"cave/temple" pendant: Botswana agate slice and a lot of sterling silver. $68 $45 SOLD

"The Cave-Painting Revival of 2093" pendant: stone polished by Marie Booth, gold filled wire. $35 SOLD

"Cowboy Physics" pendant: stone, Swarovski crystal, gold filled wire, and the curves of the riata. $78 $55 $48 $40
"Dragon Shield" pendant: "dragonscale carnelian" and sterling silver. $45  $37 SOLD
"King of the Canyon" – stone and sterling silver $75 $55 SOLD
"My Kind of Story I" pendant: stone, lampwork, sterling silver. $45 $28 SOLD
"The Painted Screen, After the Inhabitants Have Departed" pendant: stone, lampwork, sterling silver. $45$32 $29 SOLD

"Pay-Per-View Elf Wrestling" $18 Note the rakish bead on top, like a hat askew. $5 $3 SOLD

"Pay-Per-View Elf Wrestling II: Stompy Boots!" $18 Stompy! $5  SOLD

"The Post-Colonial Literature of Elves: The Chaser's Wood" pendant: stone, glass, sterling silver. $25 $18 SOLD

"The Post-Colonial Literature of Elves: Our Days with Georgia" pendant: Imperial jasper, other stone, sterling silver. $65 $50 $45 $40  SOLD

"The Post-Colonial Literature of Elves: We're In Your Star Machines" pendant: stone, sterling silver. $26
$18 SOLD
"Trying to Explain Fish to a Rock" pendant: ocean jasper and gold filled wire. $45 $32 SOLD

"The Voyage" pendant: stone, Beau Hawn lampwork, sterling silver, and there is a lot to see in this one. $48 $29  SOLD
"Water Is Impermanent Magic" pendant: some beautiful green stuff that might be prehnite as it was sold to me, or might not be, and sterling silver. $78  $58 SOLD
"Wednesday/Saturn" pendant: opal and sterling silver, and I took so many photos because this stone absolutely fascinates me. It's on a little blue-green neckcord with metal clasp, but could be worn on a chain or anything, really. $100, and I wish I could take better photos of opals, but you get the drift, right? $78 SOLD
"'You Don't Look At Magic Straight On,' Said Granny" pendant: opal and sterling silver, and if you look closely you'll see why it's called that. $70  $55 $48  SOLD

Sculptural stuff:
"Bordertown Runway Queen" sidhe steampunk necklace in sterling silver and prehnite (? or is it glass ?) with three clasps. $500 $395 SOLD

Pendants, unnamed:
brownish-gold jasper pendant on gold filled wire. $12 $5 $3 SOLD
labradorite pendant with a wide spectrum of color on sterling silver wire. $40 $32 SOLD

labradorite in a thicket of silver sculptural pendant. $62 $50 SOLD

little branch in champagne pearls and gold filled wire. $99 $75 $60 $50 $45 SOLD

Additional goodies: 

Linked necklaces:
"The Lady Who Looked In" necklace: glass and sterling silver, and that blue is a blue like no other. I cannot photograph it accurately, but oh. $310 $250 $235 $210  SOLD
"The Secret Pleasures of Turtles" necklace: glass and sterling silver, and whatever else I could find. $300 $215 $200 $195 $180

Pendants, named:
"The Veil of the Ifrit" pendant: glass and gold filled wire. $32 $22  SOLD

more named earrings:
"The Canyons of Night" earrings: lampwork by Stoney Marie, Swarovski crystal cubes, glass and sterling silver. $72 $62 $58
"de/finite" earrings: furnace glass, other glass, sterling silver. $32 $26 $24  SOLD

Weekend Goodies! Some of these are too new to mark down today; if you want to take your chances, there may be a markdown before the end of the sale, if they last that long.

Pendants, named:
"spell storage battery" pendant: lampwork glass and sterling silver: $50 SOLD
"Toys"  pendant: bone, glass, sterling silver.  $50  $45 SOLD

"meltwatersprite" neecklace-crown: glass, opal, jasper, other stuff, and sterling silver.  $375 SOLD
"rainguttersprite" necklace-crown: color-treated slab pearls, color-treated small pearls, color-treated shells, glass, GF wire.  $500  $450, and another in my series of necklaces about underappreciated water sprites. Yay!

Named earrings:
"and the turtles aren't telling" earrings: milky glass and sterling silver.  $24 $20 SOLD
"Life Arises from the Ice" earrings: glass and sterling silver.  $28 SOLD

"MINE" earrings: Swarovski crystal, glass cats with AB coating on one side, and sterling silver.  $28 SOLD

"A Proper Bed for Dragon Eggs" earrings: "dragonscale carnelian" (though this is more agate), glass, color-treated slab pearls, GF wire.  $115 $100 $90 $85
"Telepathy for Cats" earrings: glass and sterling silver, and yes, those two big AB-coated fire-polished crystals are actually different colors. Cats aren't very good at Rhine cards, either. I suspect it's because they do not have a flavour.  $30 SOLD
"thinking of her ocean" earrings: Swarovski crystal, sterling silver.  $40 $35 SOLD

Named linked necklaces:
"cat and leaf magic" necklace: lampwork and other glass, mother-of-pearl, plastic, vintage crystal, sterling silver, and so on.  $285 $275 $265 $250  SOLD
"Concerning the Effects of Zero-Gravity on Dragons" necklace: lampwork beads by Moe Cooper, other glass, and sterling silver.  $195 SOLD

"The Secret Life of Miss Emily Icewhistle-Morton" necklace: glass, sterling silver, and mystery.  $165
$150 SOLD

"She'll Haunt You" necklace:  glass, wood, crystal, sterling silver, and the sound of the wind. $238 $210 $200


"Calamity Owl Rides Again" bracelet: rubber, memory wire, glass, wood, and pewter Green Girl owl bead.  $68 SOLD
"Twinklebat" bracelet: rubber, memory wire, glass, and pewter Green Girl bat bead. $39 SOLD

"The Twinkletoad Has Strange Powers" bracelet: rubber, memory wire, glass, plastic, and pewter Green Girl toad bead. $50 $45
"Yes, My Lady" -  a bracelet about a very proper vampire: glass, ribbon, memory wire.  $40 SOLD

Big chunky pendants with fewer fiddly bits:
"Black Sun" pendant:  Botswana agate, sterling silver.  $46 $40
"Course Correction" pendant: matte-finish agate and sterling silver.  $40  SOLD
"Darwin Never Walked Here" pendant: sodalite, unknown stone, sterling silver.  $45 $38
"fertility token / virility token" pendant: Congoinite, wood, sterling silver. $34
"How To Polka In 4 Dimensions" pendant: sterling silver, stone, glass and wood.  $46 $40
"Look Who's Discovering Me Now!" pendant: Congoinite, goldstone (glass), and sterling silver.  $52 $45
"Not A Key Any More" pendant:  stone, unknown cast bead, sterling silver.  $40  $35  Dunno whether the cast bead is fragile or not, but it's relatively light and really nifty.  SOLD
"Planetfall" pendant: agate on sterling silver.  $50 SOLD

"Plotting My Escape" pendant: found coral, wood, sterling silver.  $38  SOLD

"So Much To Learn... On Any World" pendant: rutilated quartz and a big unknown stone bead, plus a little wood and glass on sterling silver.  $45 $40
"Stone Truth" pendant: unknown stone on sterling silver.  $45  $39  SOLD
"Two Kinds of Honor" pendant:  stone, shell, wood, sterling silver.   $48  $40  SOLD

Also, more named earrings:

"Beyond What You Know" earrings: aquamarine, glass, sterling silver.  $40 $35
"concentrated elixir of somewhere else" earrings:  glass and sterling silver.  $26 $22  SOLD
"The Cultivation of Fire-Forests" earrings: glass and sterling silver.  $23 SOLD

"Every Sprite Knows That, Silly!" earrings: aquamarines, glass, and sterling silver.  $48 $42
"glacier seeds" earrings: aquamarines and sterling silver.  $38 $32 SOLD
'I Won't Tell If You Don't,' Said the Faun" earrings: aquamarines, glass, and sterling silver.  $44 SOLD

"Is, Was, and Will Be Again" earrings: glass and sterling silver.  $25 $22
"Lady Miranda's Poison Garden Revisited" earrings: glass and sterling silver.  These look different in different lights, and I tried to show that.  $35 SOLD
"My Pet Vortices" earrings:  glass and sterling silver.  (Heavy!) $29 SOLD

"The Nixie's Promise" earrings: glass and sterling silver.  $24 SOLD

"Queen of the Big Blue" earrings:  glass, Swarovski crystal, and sterling silver. Actually a clear true medium sapphire (glass color name) blue, despite what it looks like in my photos and on my monitor.  $30  SOLD

"The Sea Keeps Her Secrets... and Mine" earrings:  aquamarines, glass, and sterling silver.  $38 $32
"'A Story on Every Branch,' Said the Squirrel" earrings: rutilated quartz, glass, sterling silver. $50 SOLD
"The Things We Keep" earrings:  glass and sterling silver. (Heavy!)  $29 $20  SOLD

"The Village of Bacchus-under-the-Sea" earrings: aquamarines, glass, and sterling silver.  $45 $40
"The Water of Remembrance" earrings:  aquamarines, Swarovski crystal, sterling silver.  $43 SOLD
"The Water-Witch of Taylor County" earrings:  dichroic lampwork glass from Victoria Gale, and sterling silver.  $55 SOLD

Acknowledgement:  I have gotten several requests lately from men for a piece or two that would fit a "more traditionally masculine jewelry" description, so that they could wear it to work and so on.  I like certain design challenges, and therefore folks should not be surprised to see some stuff with fewer "fiddly bits" on it, and generally in larger scale.  Of course, anybody who likes it can buy it, because I've got no gender requirements on my jewelry, but I did want to acknowledge the requests.  (Also, I must admit that the term "man-bling" amuses me.)  I have now posted a bunch more large-scale pendant goodness above. Enjoy, whatever your gender may be!

Shipping's $5 domestically and $7 internationally for small things, more for heavy things and for insurance; check with me for specifics.

(And since the only way to get something is to send e-mail to the gimme address, please feel free to comment here without fear of accidentally putting dibs on anything.)

*18% of the chapbooks have been spoken for already.  w00t!

Like truffle pigs, except for dreams.


(It was a toss-up for me between those and the ones I got, "While You Dream, The Bears Are Working.")

(Also, in case you haven't seen it yet, I finally wrote that post for you about "The Problem of Susan.")

can't get your website to load, hon. Is your ISP down?

Juan says we're getting hammered with spoofing and spammage. Been flaky all day yesterday and today, alas.

Fingers crossed for positive resolution.

Website not loading; maybe too many people are trying to look?

See answer on previous rock. ;-7 Also, try again? It comes and goes.

Coming to worldcon?
bounce, bounce

Yesses? Oh say Yesses

Yesses! I certainly am. At least, that's the plan, if all goes well. Got table, got hotel room, got membership.

I confess I'm relieved that I can't get to the server just now. As much as I love your shines (and you know I do), my discretionary income for this month is spoken for. I know you'll understand.

So I wish you a fabulous sale (and try not to cross my fingers in hopes that a particular objet d'lust attracts no buyer this round, 'cause that would be greedy).

Awww, cool! Kitties yay!

I have my store profits from May burning a hole in my Paypal account (or they will do when they get there in a day or two), and am very tempted by the "Neptune's Daughter" necklace-crown. However, as someone with very long very fine hair, I'm a wee bit concerned about tangles and snarls. So can you tell me: is the wire continuous along the length of the piece, or are there lots of beginnings-and-ends (that will tend to grab hair)? Do you think this piece is a tangle risk for someone with very fine hair? (Note: I tend not to wear hair toys with bits of chain in because the chain *always* tangles, even if my hair's pulled back tightly.)

Well, it's tricky thing to answer, because while I was trying to make a piece that has no little terminal spirals (which are the most catchy kinds of things), there are still many pieces of wire in here. While the ends of those wires are snugged down as smooth as I can make them, the very fact that there are loops and twirls means that it would probably be in the same category as chain for you.

Alas. Wish I could reassure you otherwise, but I think it'd be the same problem.

Do regular necklace-chains do that too?

it's like you're not only creating jewelry, you're also creating a million little mythos-es. i wonder how many people take the titles you give the jewelry they wear and run with them, like a mantra, forever. something to hold onto in their lives that you've given them.

It is rather like this, isn't it?
*has a few of those mantras herself*

The Waters of Twilight Are Endless begs me to be a long necklace, to be hung in the window when not around my neck, to catch the Seattle waterlight. We have been having such lovely mist-rainy days.

Shall see about finances once the weekend move is done.

I emailed you yesterday about a thing only vaguely related to the sale, but it was probably right around the time your server went wonky. If you didn't get it, could you let me know so I can resend?

Better re-send -- things are in an uproar, though I am sorting them out. Thanks!

Oh my god, the Bordertown Runway Queen.

Oh, my god.

*just boggles*

I have been having fun, you see.

That one happened because of this discussion.

The steampunk "bordertown" piece is EXQUISITE, Lioness. As is Neptune's Daughter. I just can't do it right now. It's not for lack of lust after your work, be assured...

Oh, the temptation might be about to get a bunch worse, because I just got jumped on by some new art. Dunno if you've noticed that I have a thing for underappreciated water sprites... but I do. I did a piece called "ditchwatersprite" about seven or eight years ago which spent all of fifteen minutes on the table before somebody snapped it up for four or five hundred dollars. I just finished "meltwatersprite" the day we went to WisCon, and will be taking photos of it tomorrow. But the one I'm really excited about is the one that's mostly finished now, which jumped on me today: "rainguttersprite" -- it's full of bark and dead leaves, and it makes me so very happy.

I love my day job.

"Twilight has Two Doors" is calling to me. We had a conversation at Wiscon, and I explained she could not follow me home.

I'm not in the market, but "Brought to Light" is one of the most evocative pieces of jewelry I've ever seen. Wow, that's gorgeous.

Thank you! I am particularly pleased with the counterweight bead on the back.

I bought those beads from a woman on eBay, whose husband is currently serving; she'd taken up lampworking, and had a lot of leftover and practice beads to sell as a batch. I really like the quirkiness of them.

I'm interested, but your website appears to be down so I can't see any of the pictures :(

Uh-oh. I'll see if Juan can thump them or something. We may be back under spammage/spoofage attack again. Sigh. Sorry about that. Check in a little while?

Having just come across this post via Elizabeth Bear and reading about the troubles with the servers, I was just wondering if you've ever thought about selling via www.etsy.com - or is that too expensive?
As a buyer I find it convenient to have all possible handcrafting goods in one place, and you wouldn't have to worry about your own server crashing.

If you have explained or thought about it before and decided not do it, please disregard this comment, if you've never heard of the place I do think it's worth checking out once.

I haven't checked out etsy from a seller's perspective, though I have bought from it.

I'll see what the Juan thinks... though truly, this kind of outage has never happened to us before. (Poor servers in the attic, all under siege.)

I wore the silver-and-blue-flowers necklace-crown to my daughter's graduation and thought of you. Thank you.

I love love love rainguttersprite. All the tangled leaves!!!

Meltwatersprite is GORGEOUS - very intense!

Rainwatersprite is just so much fun!

Torn between Neptune's daughter and Rainguttersprite, which are both utterly lovely - arrgh, decisions!

There's a silver one in the works, though since those two are both gold filled, maybe you're not a silver-wearing person.

More hair toys! Purple and sterling! Purple and sterling!

Speaking of purple and sterling, did you see "cat and leaf magic" yet?

I am going up to the workbench for a while... then much more to upload, but I want to catch the light now.

I love your jewelry! I'm going to friend you so that I can be kept abreast of what you make. Maybe when I get paid I can buy something!

My wish for you is my traditional wish for everyone: may the Good Ones of Fortune smile upon you sufficiently that any shiny you wish to get is easily purchased out of pocket change. ;-)

I still love "The Secret Pleasure of Turtles." It's delightful.

Hah! You and me both. But new bathrooms are sooooo expensive....


do you ever do gaged earrings? (for stretched piercings?)

just curious...

Hmm! I haven't yet. But I might be persuaded. Got a pointer to what they need to be like, to work well?

Thank you for creating and advertising the man-bling. Not to be critical or anything, but I keep dreaming of being wealthy someday so that I can commission an Elysian man-bling necklace, something that could be worn wrapped in three loops (as a choker that just fits over the head) or two or occasionally even one loop on lazy Sundays. No clasp, because guys get uncomfortable with fiddly bits.

Just to ramble on a bit about the commission that I can't afford, I'm dreaming of copper wire to bring out the reddish highlights in my beard, perhaps some low-carat gold alloy, but probably no pure silver. I'm dreaming of garnets, turquoises, black opals, possibly freshwater pearls or mother-of-pearl, and inexpensive synthetic ruby beads. Perhaps some jet or obsidian. A bit of amber would be nice too.

If you go ahead and make something like this and sell it some guy who is wealthier than I am, I promise to admire it and not be too envious.

Changing subjects, I was a little sorry to see Neptune's Daughter go, although I'm happy for your sale. Part of me really wanted to buy it and make a present of it to the Obble.

That sounds like it would be a pretty cool necklace.

There's a technical consideration, of course, insofar as making a claspless necklace pretty much makes it impossible to put it on at choker length, though. Removal of the head not being an option, and all that. (When making necklaces for GI Joe, it's different, because you just pull the head off. And then you switch it with Barbie's head.)

Indenting the list is really really helpful of you. That way I know not to start drooling before I get to the end and see "sold." :)

I agree. It's easier to make out than the italics alone.


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