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Went to ER, got spiked with IV fluids - was indeed dehydrated, also low postassium (and high glucose, go figure). Temp at admission: 102.9. Two bags of fluid, anti-nausea stuff, some vile orange potassium drink, and morphine. Hotel now. Sleep soon. Home tomorrow, followup with doc there. Katie is hero. Love to all you guys.

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Love to you too, dear heart, and to the folks who responded to hearing you were ill and needed help.

I will now make my way to bed, my worries soothed.

Hope all that stuff made you feel better. With that much deydration plus the fever plus the low potassium plus enough (extra) pain to require morphine, no wonder you were feeling awful.

And I hope you got to have some wonderful times at the con before the crud got to you. Glad Katie was there and could help.

I remember recently discussing with Certain Local Parties the idea that even if she knew that she was dehydrated and not something else, having them give her fluids helped it go away much more quickly than if she had to rehydrate orally over several days. So while I am very very sorry you got that sick, I'm very very glad that you didn't dig your heels in over it. Have a safe trip home.

Oh, I did dig in my heels, but Juan smacked me over the phone for it, and then Patrick smacked me over IM for it, and then Katie hauled my ass in, and by then I didn't protest.

I am glad you have loved ones who care enough to smite you for your own good. Take care and get better.

I hope you feel better soon.

Dehydration is a serious matter. I'm glad you're okay.

Waugh! Hope you're on the road to being better.

Is anyone keeping count of how many people got this?

I wasn't as sick as you, and badgerbag wasn't as sick as me. I tried to eat yesterday (Monday)-- not a good idea. I'm pretty sure that it was food poisoning, not stomach flu.

WisCon staff was trying to keep track of all who was sick.

It wasn't food poisoning--food poisoning, or a food-borne contagion, wouldn't be hitting people at staggered intervals across three-plus days, which is what this is doing.

It's norovirus. We had it at Eastercon last year, and boy, was it horrible.

What susansugarspun said--I thought it was food poisoning at first, too, but it also lasted longer. Someone on the wiscon community suggested it was norovirus, which sounds exactly like the constellation of symptoms I got, including the chills. I was running a 100 degree fever yesterday, too, but am much better today (I initially got sick very early Saturday).

Given the symptom descriptions we were hearing at first, my wife and I pretty much identified is as a norovirus. When she started in with the symptoms at 3 am today, we were certain. :P

Katie is a hero indeed! She looked pretty rough when I saw her this morning just before checkout -- I hope she's doing all right and doesn't get this thing.

God, me too.

Best to your wife....

Oh, gosh. I no longer regret not being able to go this year. *hugs* I am so very, very sorry you got so sick.

The lovely WisCon norovirus hit me in the wee hours this morning, so alas, I've transported the fucker to Massachusetts. Although from what I'm reading on LJ, I'm not the only one :P

I'm glad you're improving. I'm really hoping to get this out of my system ASAP, because it's not a good thing when Gatorade is the most delicious thing ever.

Dude, I know. nutopian brought me some yesterday and I drank a bottle in approximately 4 seconds.

My stomach is still too sore for that (I'm a big baby when it comes to barfing), but constant little sips are my friend. I'm also hoping the Tylenol kicks in soon, because my entire digestive tract aches.

I actually didn't vomit, although it was a near thing several times. Most of my expulsions were on the other end.

My big problem is that contraindications prevent me from taking most OTC pain killers, but fortunately the stomach cramps were mostly gone after a day...

I was mostly the other end as well, but my stomach had stopped processing food around lunchtime on Sunday, so eventually, it had to go somewhere.

God oh god I never wished so hard that I *could* take painkillers...

Let's put it this way: I utterly loathe morphine, and yet when they gave me some at the ER, I was deeply grateful.

I hope you feel very better soon.

Thanks. And you too. As of last night, the worst part for me has been the muscular soreness. I'm not very good at throwing up. Plus, I ripped up the tendons around my floating ribs about 18 years ago, which never really heals, so that's bothering me again :P

Glad that you're on the mend. That sounds seriously scary.

I am so sorry you got whacked. I was hoping you'd escape the Monster Crud I read about.

Glad you're feeling better. Was worried! Many thanks to Katie.

Thanks for the update. I was worried. Get well soon!

Elise -- I don't think we've actually met, but I was wearing one of your beautiful necklaces at the con yesterday. I live in Madison, so if you need a local person for anything (transportation, information, errand-running, etc) please feel free to get in touch with me and I'd be happy to help. karen@alyx.com

Wow, I'm glad that someone could take you to the ER. Hope you feel better soon.

I'm sorry your con was somewhat derailed by being so ill. I hope you are feeling better and getting the care you need.

So glad you got some treatment, even though the ER is a sucky place to be. I hope you heal quickly and easily.

I'm local to you at home, and currently have a lot of free time, so please let me know if there is anything I can do to help.

Might take you up on this, if delivering sherbet is a possibility....

Absolutely! Sending my phone number to lioness AT gmail.

LionessElise at that address will get me. (just plain lioness was already taken)

I am much relieved that Katie dragged you off to the ER. There are certainly better places to be, but in my experience you could do a lot worse than go to the ones in Madison.

I still regret not being at the con, for many reasons, but I'm sorry you came down with this nastiness on top of everything else, too. I hope you start feeling better and better everyday, and cheers to the Juan and Patrick for thumping!

Yikes! I'm glad you went and got treated. I had some pretty awful moments, but I don't think my fever ever went that high.

Email me about mixes when you are feeling recovered!

It went up, and then the Crohn's kicked in and my system dumped everything, and then it went up some more. Not fun, looking at the walls and having them slip sideways four or five times before you can focus.

Fever hallucinations no fun either. I vaguely remember something about geometry being a threat to democracy....

I have a reoccurring fever hallucination about soft, squishy, fuzzy, pointy things that I can never quite see, but they smell yellow, hum a lot and they don't like the colour pink. They are in a never-ending conflict with smooth, hard surfaces (the ceiling, walls and floor), which keep telling them to shut up. That's the point at which I start begging for drugs, anything to knock me out so they will all Please. Be. Quiet. I've had that one since I was a kid. I could do with some variety, really.

Been thinking of you, and very glad there were dear ones who made with the thumping. Dehydration is not to be trifled with, especially when the virus has help with the system dump from pre-existing conditions.

Hope you are feeling better, or will be soon.

Workin' on it, with the help of the Juan. Gotta call my doc tomorrow and go in as soon as I can. Also gotta restart potassium supplements, apparently.

Geez. What everyone else said, plus please feel much better tomorrow.

Just a note -- when I was in the ER for dehydration, my blood sugar was high too, and when I questioned the ER doctor who called it "normal," he said that stress will send it right up and it was normal for that.


That's reassuring. Steroids can do that too, they tell me.

I'm very glad you went to the ER and they helped you. Dehydration and fever are scary as well as unpleasant. Fever can raise blood sugar, though other effects of fever usually get more attention (from the press, and from a person with a fever.)

So sorry to hear all this, again, and wish I lived closer so I could do something more than just say so.

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