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Yeah, I figure so. This is why I would be careful not to talk that way with you, because it wouldn't be nice. (Nice, in this case, translates to "kind, friendly, and respectful, all of which I want to be because you're somebody I think well of, and in addition you are somebody that I know would find the pure Scandosotan indirectness extremely frustrating and nonsensical, to say the least.")

This is where code-switching between German bluntness and Scandosotan obliqueness comes in handy.

Also handy for hoovering right over the 30-minute conversation and getting right down to "I need the emergency room. Now." ;-)

Oh, but the "emergency room NOW" situation works just fine, because nobody uses those tones of voice and that bluntness unless they really DO need one NOW. And that's what that particular combination of tones and bluntness (in Scandosotan culture) is for, so when it's time for them, a person uses them.

It does all work.

It just doesn't work so well for unfamiliar operators.

Then again, I have the code-switching thing too, so maybe I have an advantage there. Also, there's the whole designated-clown thing, where some people get to be blunter or speak the unspeakable as a sort of social role or function or whatever. Hmm. Must ponder further.

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