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Honour Your Inner Magpie

Ooh, shiny!!

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I am physically incapable of attending a baby shower without chirping, "Oh for cute!" at some point during the proceedings.

In my defense, this is always at a onesie with a geek joke on it or at a stuffed wee dragon rather than at something with ruffles. But still. It is a trait I do not fully control, and I am not proud of it.

The last baby shower I attended, there was a contest for who could bring the most appropriately-emblazoned onesie. The cuteness of the geek jokes was definitely present in large quantity.

Okay, so I know it's years later, but elisem has just linked to this today and I am reading the comments. And I am terribly amused because I can see and hear the exact expression and tone you'd use when you said it, too.

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