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Aren't they just?

I went back and looked at the comments that piece got when I originally wrote it, and the first one went something like:
Aagh! Arrrgh! AUUUUGH! That. Is. Not. A. Conversation!

To which I had to say:

Oh, but JaNell, among some of my people, that very much *is* a conversation.

Not that that's a good thing, in some circumstances... but it's actually a cultural thang, and makes sense in context. (Well, some sense, anyhow. Sorta. It made my friend from Seattle laugh and laugh and laugh, and likewise my friend from New Zealand, with a sort of recognition mingled with other emotions, anyhow, but it's one of those jokes that maybe only really makes sense if you're from that kind of people. If you are, then you probably get all of Garrison Keillor's jokes, too. Especially the barbed ones. But I digress. Frequently. Anyhow, my people are weird, and that's part of how they're weird, and it's simultaneously funny and true and painful to write it all down and remember it and see it right there.)

But I, of course, being a pink sheep and a mutant, am cursed with at least some tendencies toward direct communication. Which means I bug the crap out of some of my people, sometimes. Or embarrass them. But there it is. And they mostly tolerate me as "that wacky Elise; she'll say *anything*, right out in front of God and everybody!" which is handy. [See also "clowns, religious and sociocultural functions of, protected status of, and taboo-breaking as a function of role".] And I can get by, albeit haltingly, in a few other cultural dialects, with some help from my friends, thank goodness.

So, uh, yeah. Yup. Especially the "OH FOR THE LOVE OF PETE" part.

Oh, but JaNell, among some of my people, that very much *is* a conversation.

Mostly the womenfolk. You do tend to chatter from time to time.

Yah. But we know when not to scare the fish.

His icon reminds me -- have you seen Whale Rider? It is its own kind of awesome good anyway, but suddenly the penny dropped, and I turned to timprov and said, "They're like us! But the water's gone all liquidy!"

No, I haven't seen that one. Should I remedy this, maybe?

Definitely. Is really good.

Do not read the book, though. This is that rare case where the movie is far, far better than the book.

Oh yes. You really must.

Might could be I'm just talkin' through my hat here, but that looks like a conversation to me. I reckon that folks the wide world over have their (funny little) ways and that's the way they're made. If a body goes getting worked up over that they'll be too busy to spit, lands sake!

(Chicago Irish with a side of Deep South childhood. Bless my heart. And yours too. Iffen you don't mind.)

Fusion conversation, like fusion cookery, can be really tasty!

Looks like one to me, too. A guy from elsewhere might be pretty lost, but that's not the conversation's fault. If I can't find my way downtown from here, that doesn't always mean there are no roads, it might mean I need a better map.

*nods* Regional variations and cultural differences sure are a thing, aren't they.

They pretty much are.

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