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Ooh, shiny!!

[sticky post]ArtLog: all the shinies currently available, old and new
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This is the grand list of everything currently available.

All the shinies. SO MANY SHINIES.Collapse )

ArtLog: hey, Beads of the Month people?
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I am bead shopping. Today I saw some wonderful things. If a couple of you order a package or two, I can send some of the wonderful things to you.

...lure, lure, lure...

(Also, expect me to show you some lovely new shinies as soon as I get home from my road trip. I've been making many things!)

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Check it out waaaaay down at the bottom of Current Shinies. Offer goes until the owls are gone or my fit of whimsy passes.


ArtLog: a tease of names
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Earrings, this time. You'll see them as soon as I manage to photograph them and add them to Current Shinies.

"All the Ways To Look At You"
"A Blessing On Your House"
"Fossil Morning"
"The Generation Tree"
"The Green Angel"
"It's Always the Quiet Ones"
"Just Take Me There"
"My Lady's Ways Are Subtle"
"The Spoonworks"
"Wrap Me In Oceans Wide"

ArtLog: a tease of names (the "time to turn the furnace on" edition)
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These are tagged and ready to photograph, so I hope you will see them soon:

"Unexpected Flowering"

"All the Names of Water"
"The Mesmer Blues"

"The Assistant"
"Coat of Arms"
"The Country of Winds"
"Design Constraints"
"A Dream of Maps"
"How Magic Works This Week"
"The Moment Remembered"

"Aurora Nocturne"
"The Dancers, Long Vanished"
"Instruction Song"
"The Invention of Wine and Poets"
"Logic Underneath"
"Long Time Telling"

OK, then. Tired workybeast goes and falls over now. See you in the morning, or something very like it.

AltLog: a very small tease of names
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Going up sometime today or tonight:

"Cavern Sprite"

"Glitter Goth Amulet"
"The True Story"


ArtLog: a tease of names (cool nights of September edition)
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Here's what I hope you'll see being added to Current Shinies tomorrow:

"Finders, Keepers"
"Threshold Level"

"The Confidence Fairy"
"The Dance-Card"
"Decisions, Decisions"
"The Green Library"
"Guard Yours"
"Love and the Machine"
"Meanwhile, Back In Electric Lotusland...."
"The Mountain Crown"
"Ms. Grumpy Bones"
"My Life As A Rock Sprite"
"Seeing Through Magic"
"Signals and Protocols"
"The Taste of Starlight"
"Treasure Run"
"Words In Silver Ink"

Beads of the Month Year 12
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Beads of the Month Year Twelve is open!

ArtLog: a tease of names (the Oh, Yeah, Coprolites and Dino Bones! edition)
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Watch for these coming soon to a Current Shinies near you:

At the Rising
Industrial Mermaids

Theme Song

Acquainted with the Fire
Report from Out There
To Catch the Sky

Art Is Where You Find It
The Best Hiding Place
Flight (see also escape)
The Modern Excalibur
Monet and the Dinosaurs
Museum of Design (Neolithic)
The Oldest Inks
The Reflections of Nature
The Selfie
Scenes from a Life
Sic Transit
What We Leave Behind
Wide Awake

After the Fall
Beautiful Lizard
Field Guide to the Old Ones
In Repose
In the Arms of the Past
Love and the Machine
Maybe I Will
Mechanical Muse
New Horizons in Space Opera
The News from There
Peace in the Garden
Stealth Dinosaurs
The Venerable Ones
The Wind, the Water, the Mountain

ArtLog: a tease of names (How Can It Already Be August 4th edition)
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Coming soon to a Current Shinies list near you:

"River Days"
"Watching Jacob's Ladder"

"According to the Lore"
"Bending the Narrative"
"The Forest that Was"
"Fox Went Out on a Chilly Night"
"In My Night"
"A Little Magic To Go On With"
"A Matter of Asking the Right Questions"
planet bead
"Scraps of Language"
"Ship's Log"
"Small Equation"
"Ursa Furiosa"
"Where the Time Goes"

ArtLog: a tease of names (August 3rd Big Pile of Earrings edition)
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Coming soon to a Current Shinies post near you:

The Anticipation of Velvet
The Appreciation
The Art of Contemplation
The Cryptic Trade
Dark Light
Deep Chronomancy
Dreaming About Science
Every Day Is a Map
The First Half of the Answer
Ghost Photographs
Honey and Spoon
How to Dance the Truth
In the Springtime of the Species
Intricate Comforts
Jewel-Toned Messenger
Luxury Model
A Necessary Code
Of Spirits and Their Ways
Quod Est... Dinosaur?
Reading from the Book of Dinosaurs
Right Dinosaur, Left Dinosaur
Second Verse, Complicated as the First
See It Clearly
Special Effects
The Sunday Pirates Song
This Mosaic Is Trying to Tell You Something
To Steer By
Under the Earlier Stars
Was and Will Be
What Rani Means
With Her Head Held High

(I've still got bracelets and necklaces and so forth to put up from the earlier batch, so there are many things to come.)

ArtLog: a little sale just before Worldcon? Sure!
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This is a quick little sale dreamed up by Elise and Delia. Sale will end Sunday night, August 9. Anything left will go back to full price then. Sale is OVER - thank you all so much!

Discounted shinies!Collapse )
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ArtLog: a tease of names
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Yep, another tease of names. I have the previous ones photographed, but they're not uploaded yet. I'll work on that. Meanwhile, here's what was distracting me:


"Duet for Flute and Canyon"
"Remember What the Island Told You"
"The Shadow Machineries"
"Thus It Follows"
"Views After the Destruction"

"Alien Harvest Song"
"Being an Account of the Great Voyage"

"Cave Sprites"
"The Claws that Catch"
"Dwelling in the Whisper Wood"
"Fae Everywhere, Fae Fae Everywhere"
"The Fauns of August, 1918"
"Fossil River"
"Grotto Rules"
"Listening Up the Years"
"Loïe Fuller Explains"
"The Motto"
"Natural Histories"
"O, Time In Thy Flight"
"Of Nest and Lineage"
"On the Uses of Ferocity"
"On the Wing"
"Probably Not the Story You Expected"
"Rara Avis"
"Running Away with the Circus"
"Secret Lives"
"The Shield of Truth"
"Statement of Principles"
"That Which Can Be Explained"
"This Terrible Beauty"
"The Water Bearer"
...and two tektites wrapped in silver

"Blossom Magic"
"Communication: Do the Math"
"For Thy Delight"
"The Fractal Gardener"
"Greetings from the Isle of Spoons!"
"Guest at the Feast"
"In Honor of Kaylee"
"Lady in Waiting"
"Our Neighbors Under the Hill"
"Pocket Full of Science"
"The Rise and Fall"
"Summer With Autumn In Her Arms"
"Time Considered by a Helix"
"Winged Orisons"

I'll try to take photos tomorrow, unless I get distracted by the beads again. If that happens, it's workbench, workbench, workbench. (Probably listening to Mariachi Ghost again, because they are great.)

ArtLog: a tease of names
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Yep, there's new stuff coming.

"As Did They"

"The Eminence"
"Origin Story"
"The Worldbuilders"
"Yet Another Charm Against Disemvowelment"

...and there's a lot more I haven't tagged yet, and Delia has some goodies, so I think we'll do something special here soon. Watch this LJ, eh?

slow lioness
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There will be some delays until regular Lioness service is resumed. The Lioness has a sprained neck. There are ice packs and there is medication and there is also sleeping a lot, at the moment. And then waking at odd hours because one slept a lot during the daytime.

OK, back to sleep again. So tired.

tell me something good?
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Sometimes I ask "Tell me something good?" when I'm having a difficult day and would like to improve it by seeing the good through someone else's eyes. Today I'm asking because I'm celebrating! (OK, it's a small thing, but a very encouraging blood pressure reading is cause for celebration right now. Especially a very encouraging one after a series of somewhat encouraging ones. Progress? It could be!)

So. Tell me something good?

de-stressing: friends-reading-list pruning
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I'm pruning my friends-reading-list radically -- not because I don't like you guys, but because never being able to get through reading the whole list is stressing me out.

(I may actually prune the whole thing down to zero. We shall see.)

Thanks for understanding. I intend to deal with the current health stuff and continue making excellent shinies -- and get to more conventions, because it's been excellent to see so many fine people lately. (Hi!)

(It's also possible that if I take you off the friends-reading-list, I've forgotten who your delightfully cryptic LJ name connects to. Please to forgive. Bear of little brain and much stress. Ergo de-stressing.)

ArtLog: pointer to new shinies
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There are a few new things in the Current Shinies post; I've bold-faced them for your ease in finding them.

More to come when I get some spare time from CONvergence. Whee!

convention plannage and wild ideas
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Over the weekend, some lovely folks made a pretty strong case for me attending FOGcon. Thoughts?

Any other conventions I should add to my list of possibles?

a bit of a blur, but a really nice blur for the most part
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Thank you to everyone who was part of the kaleidoscope of excellent moments at 4th Street. Especial thanks to Lynne and Bear for coming to get me from Urgent Care, and keeping me company at the pharmacy while they filled the prescription, and to Scott for being awesome.

Brief mention of mild eye injury inside; avoid if you ick out at that sort of thing.Collapse )

Love to the music-makers, and to the conversation-sharers. That was a lot of fun. As always, there was not enough time to hang out with all the folks I wanted to see and the nifty new folks I was meeting. I hope there were very good things for all of you, and that you get caught up on sleep very soon now.

I plan on doing that real soon myself, and then continuing my Heinlein chronological re-read in between working on a huge pile of shinies for the Worldcon dealers room.


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