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[sticky post]ArtLog: all the shinies currently available, old and new
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This is the grand list of everything. To see only the newest things, check for New Shinies posts in recent entries. (Please note: sometimes those newest shinies are too new to be listed here, if I just put them up, but right now it's current and has everything.)

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looking for a photo
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Does anyone have a link to a good photo of Geoff Ryman in his tiara, from the Hugo Awards at LonCon3? He looked stunning in it. (Also, he was an absolute sweetheart and name-checked me from the podium. Eee!)

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I'm home. Still recuperating from jet lag, and from apparently being allergic to everything currently blooming at Bletchley Park and in Hyde Park, but I have hopes of being able to be productive soon. That would be good, because my head is full of art and travel and thoughts, and my hands need to be doing.

Tomorrow was given over to basic necessities of return, but today and tomorrow I hope to get through the email backlog and reply to things that need replying to.

(And to those I saw at Worldcon and the weeks before and after, HI! I hope you had as much fun as I did or even more!)

Working on growing back.
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Still need to work on this relaxing thing, as this morning was a surprising morning of ducking around the corner to burst into tears over very minor things. Clearly this is leftover stress. However, we had a lovely bracing walk this afternoon and saw very old rocks piled up in interesting ways, so that was very nice.

If you relax, how do you manage it?

Resting and growing back
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I have slept until nearly noon. More than once, even. I have played the ukulele while puzzled French cows watched. The food here is very good, and the people are smart, entertaining and amiable.

All this is helping.

And how are you doing?

ArtLog: a tease of names (itty bitty last-minute Xeno's Packing Paradox edition)
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Please note: when I get the photos edited, these will be added to this most recent New Shinies post, whose date I changed to get it closer to the front here. Thanks.

OK, here's a tease of names:

"Brewer's Arts"
"The Real Mountain"

"Grandmother's Arts"
"Message from the Strand"
"Waltz for Communications Satellites"

Will post 'em after I have some food. Wobbly now.

wish me luck, a.k.a. possible incipient shinies
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Am going to workbench to try to tag and photograph the last few things. If it works, will put them up immediately in the most recent New Shinies post (the one with all the druzy and opals and stuff).

Hands and wrists being very troublesome today, so might not work. Wish me luck, yah?

ETA: WIKTORY! They're up!

Now to rest and then pack more boxes. Xeno's Packing Paradox reigns.

I have some thoughts about that. I have some feelings about that too. Hmm.
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I've been pondering an essay. It's not ripe yet. This one's about my reactions to being sympathetically wished the following: "Have a safe convention."

I maunder and flail about it a little bit here, in the comments of a thought-provoking post from lydy.

And as I said there,
"And goddamnit I wish Joanna Russ was alive because I want to hear what she would have to say about this."

Also as I said there,
"Also, I reserve the right to disagree vehemently with people who agree with me.

Just because I'm posting any one place? Doesn't mean I'm singing Kumbiyah with everybody else posting in that place, on every subject, either. Definitely including here.

Dammit, we used to have that as a basic axiom. What the fuck happened?

:stomps around, thumping cane*, muttering about good old days arguing fiercely TO BUILD STUFF:

* Nice cane, too. Gotten at the urging of my physical therapist, it sports vaguely unnerving cheerful flowers on a black background, and really ought to be called the Perky Goth model.

Anyhow. Go. Think. Feel. Use EVERYTHING. I think it's going to take everything, anyhow, and I want as many different approaches as possible, and there's an ominous background music suggesting some narrative collapse threatening our ability to do the work needed....

Ugh, deliquescing into keyboard flail again. Just, well, there's the link.

ArtLog: new shinies (the post-CONvergence edition, with even more druzy) - CLOSED TEMPORARILY
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in progress
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Invoices in progress -- and thank you all! I am swamped!

More when I get back from lunch and errands.

ArtLog: a tease of names (potsherds and opals edition)
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Just photographed these. With any luck, they'll go up tonight.

"The Lost and the Found"

"On the Peacock Path"
"Time for a Second Act"
"Traditions of the Green Engineers"
"We Have Another Word For It"
"When History Found Us"

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I am very pleased to announce that the four medications prescribed at the very sudden doctor's appointment on Friday do seem to be controlling the asthma. WHEW. BREATHING IS GOOD.

Still got stuff going on, but it's so much better. (Am grateful that when I need to take great big steroids, they get the job done and don't trash me too much -- knock wood.)

OK. Onward. Which at the moment means onward into bed, I think. A little more of my reread of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms in a cool bath first, though, because it is too dang hot here. See you in the morning.

Goodnight, workbench. Goodnight, opals. Goodnight, internetsers. Goodnight, ukulele.

slight delay
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Am considerably more tired than expected tonight, so there will be New Shinies tomorrow instead of this evening.

on my "to do" list:
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1. Go up to workshop and talk to some interesting beads.

2. Tag the new shinies on the workbench for photographing tomorrow.

3. Add the remaining shinies from the New Shinies (druzy!) post to the post with All The Current Shinies.

4. Photograph new shinies.

5. Edit photos.

6. Post a new New Shinies post.

Shinies are a goodness. Making art is something I am sure of. Therefore, I will make art. I hope to show you more nifty things soon.

a good essay
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This is well said.

two stories about Lunds and Mike (John M. Ford)
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Lunds and Byerlys are having their seventy-fifth anniversary, which is pretty darn cool, and they asked people to tell stories about why they shop there. My stories are about Mike, my dear Mr. Ford.
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ArtLog: a tease of names (the Sunday mostly-earrings edition)
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not earrings:

"And Up She Went"
"Delicate Engineering"


"Alien Ice Cream"
"Another Message in a Bottle"
"Antique Water Magic"
"Ask the Sand"
"At the Tip of the World"
"Atomic Mambo"
"Butterfly Surprise Party"
"Coming Home"
"Elf Truth"
"Greeting the Visitor: a Book of Customs"
"How to Talk to Friendly Monsters"
"Memory Day"
"Nostalgia Is Not What It Used To Be"
"Plenty of Fish in the Sky, He Said"
"Preternatural Calendar"
"Three Promises and a Question"
"Under a Different Sky"
"When She Fell In Love With Science"
"The Whisper Poet"
"The Xenobiologist Retires"
"Yesterday's Sea Is in the Sky"

finally uploaded this userpic
me by haikujaguar
I love this very much. It's by haikujaguar, who is M.C.A. Hogarth.

By the way, if you haven't read any of her work yet, you're in for a treat. I really like "Black Blossom" a lot, and am acquiring her other work, too. Yep, all of it. Because it's just what I need right now.

Hyacinths to feed the soul, like the poet said.

ArtLog: a tease of names (just a few more things)
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Yeah, well, you know how I get.

"On the Uses of Things"

"Precisely How Enchantments Are Built"
"The Sanctuary Algorithm"
"The Three Monarchs of Glam"
"The Way She Rises"

ArtLog: a tease of names (the post-CONvergence edition)
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I've photographed these, and hope to put them up tonight to show you:

"On Midsummer Night"

"Bird with a Word in her Head: necklace"
"Everything I Know"
"'Much Ado About Nothing' As Performed By Fish"

"Adaptable Magic"
"And Divide By Infinity"
"Bring Me the Heart of Edward Cullen"
"Emergent Properties"
"How the Message Travels"
"The Idea"
"Night Protocols"
"Quite a View from Here"
"Science Fantasy"
"Space Witchery"
"Watching Over the Lines"
"Where Wonder Is"

"And the Sacred Places Where We Do Not Go"
"Comparing Notes"
"Forgiving the Nightingale"
"Interrogating the Signs"
"The Lotus Fountain"
"Quiet Truth"
"The Scenic Route for Starships"
"She's Nobody's Pixie Now"
"Sky Storage Devices"
"Why Math Is Fun"
"Your Spring"

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