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[sticky post]This journal will be disappearing soon.
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You can find me on Dreamwidth as elisem.

I've ported everything over there, but most of it is still hidden. I'll unhide stuff as I go, or if people request it over there.

ArtLog: where are all the shinies?
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(edited Monday, January 2, 2017)

I HAVE MOVED THINGS TO ETSY. You should find almost everything over at https://www.etsy.com/shop/LionessElise. Thank you, and big love to you all! See you over there -- and I hope to keep seeing you around Dreamwidth as well, because I plan to be posting more cool stuff about beads and rocks and jewelry techniques.

If you're browsing for pretty shiny writing inspiration and/or looking for already sold pieces, many of them can be viewed at ArtLog: Things I Have Made.

If you want to find my journal, I'm at https://elisem.dreamwidth.org/.

If you're looking for me on Twitter, I'm LionessElise.

If you want Beads of the Month or would like to support various benevolent conspiracies of art, save up for shinies on the installment plan, or just like encouraging the artisan, I have a Patreon these days: https://www.patreon.com/elisem It's all very exciting.

notes on power and control
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"Power works through management and control. It draws you into its field and forces you to play by its rules, giving you forced choices within the confines of the only options made available to you. It sustains itself by opening up impossibly tiny spaces for inclusion, disciplining you until you are made to fit, while leaving the structures of exclusion intact. It operates under the facade of acceptance, masking the refusal, the resistance. Inclusion in these instances exists only to reinforce and diversify the never-changing norm."

-- from http://thenewinquiry.com/essays/after-cadaanstudies/


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