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Ooh, shiny!!

[sticky post]ArtLog: all the shinies currently available, old and new
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This is the grand list of everything available.

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ArtLog: new shinies (mid-January edition)
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ArtLog: surprise sale!
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Oh, what the heck, let's have a sale.

Ends Sunday night. Watch that last couple of hours, because you know how I get. :-)

ArtLog: a tease of names (hello, January! edition)
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I am home from my travels and at the workbench again. Workbench good! Here, have a tease of names, to which more will very likely be added as I go:

"Best Practices for New Planets"
"Everything a World Can Hold"
"The Fearless Ones"
"Reading Faery Cards"
"Remembering the Word for Blue"

"The Courting-Gift"

ArtLog: a tease of names (the end of December edition)
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"The Rainbow When She's Quiet"

"Magic for All Seasons"

"By the Surest Route"
"Land of Eagles"
"A Little Piece of Yes" (already claimed)

Photos are already done, so these may go up tonight if all goes well.

ArtLog: a tease of names (Winter Solstice edition)
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It's workbench time, and this time, I'm working on things I've been saving, or things I've been thinking about. Photos have been taken of these, but it will be this evening or later before I've got time to put them up, because workbench. Yay, workbench.

"and yet"
"Empress of What's Next"
"For the Other World"
"The Landscape After"
"Living Inside the Question"
"Not the Harvest I Expected"
"Three Toasts to the Year"
"The Time It Takes to Get In"
"Ye Starry Spheres, Lift Up Your Voices"

fingers crossed, but we have net again this morning
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Last night, it looked like we had a busted router, which would probably take ten days to replace. Now it's working again.

Fingers crossed that it keeps doing so. In the meantime, am going to get as much done as I can. Fortunately, most of the sale stuff got mailed out yesterday. There are eight packages still to go, plus a couple of post-sale sales. Had our net not come back, I would have been navigating things with my iPhone and hand-addressing packages, but that's doable, and I would have managed. Glad it's back, though! Printing postage at home makes life a LOT easier, for one thing.

OK, whew. Juan's checking with the ISP to find out anything more about exactly what happened. (And he was most mighty to troubleshoot last night when he was a tired beast.) But we have net again. Yay! Onward.

ArtLog: a tease of a few more names (Sunday, the last day of the sale, edition)
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OK, I've been at the workbench, so a few more shinies will go up shortly:

"Fairies, Hence!"
"Tea in the Midst of the Whirlwind"

"Cat Dialectic"
"Communications Array"
"Morning Calibrations"

Here's the post they'll be in very soon. Markdowns on older things end tonight, probably around midnight Minneapolis time.


ArtLog: a tease of names (the Ice Queen's Question edition)
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Just photographed these, but the photos won't go up until I'm back from running errands. Sorry about that, but life is full of Stuff today. Still, new shinies coming!

"The Ice Queen Considers the Question of Her Heart"

"And the Stones Shall Dance"
"Dragonfly Instructions"
"A Mezuzah for my Spaceship, Please"
"Two Stories About the Same Forest"

ArtLog: a tease of names (tiny little Friday afternoon version)
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I made a few more things. You know how I get.

"Put On Your Party Hat"

"Galaxies Inside Me"
"The Post-Colonial Literature of Elves: Relearning the Reasons for Wings"
"The Post-Colonial Literature of Elves: Seeing Through Stones"

OK, now to do photos and add them to the main post.

Edited to add: They're up in the All the Shinies post now.

ArtLog: a tease of names (Winterfair edition)
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I've been making Winterfair gifts:

"And a Good Winterfair to You Too!"
"Winterfair Again, Eh?"

"Another Blue World"
"Complicated World"
"Green World"
"Intricate World"
"One Blue World"
"Purple World"
"Slightly Dented World"
"Vivid World"

OK, and I've made some other things too:

"Always There"
"Donut-to-Spoon Conversion Formulae"
"Hurt/Comfort Zone"
"Inside Story"
"Mirror Travels"
"Science Dance"
"Tektite as Reliquary"
"That's What Fairy Tales Are For"
"The Traditional Three Choices"
"Why She Loves Horror Stories"

Photos soon, and these should be posted by midafternoon if all goes well. Whee! Then I need to decide whether I'm doing a rush order of silver or not; I am out of earwires. Uh-oh. Also need more twenty gauge if this necklace-crown is to get made. And it really wants to get made.

Edited to add: They're up in the All the Shinies post now.

ArtLog: a tease of a few more names
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I made a few more things today, and will be photographing them tomorrow and adding them to the Current Shinies post -- well, the post is really ALL THE SHINIES, and I should probably get used to calling it that.

Anyhow, names! Here:

"And the Woman in the Moon"
"The Night Door"

"Carrying the Story"
"Pavanne for an Undead Princess"
"The Sailor's Companion"
"She Came from Under the Hills"

Edited to add: They're up in the All the Shinies post now.

ArtLog: incipient new shinies, and markdowns on some older shinies
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I've photographed a bunch of new shinies, am working on a few more, and generally getting ready to put a whole lot of things into the Current Shinies post tonight. Tomorrow morning should bring shinies, excitement, and markdowns.

ArtLog: a tease of names (last day of November edition)
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These shinies will be photographed soon. I can't wait to show you.

"The Other Season"
"Somewhere Along the Road"
"Translated from the Original"

"She Bids You Remember the Turkish Lady Who Freed You from Your Close Confine"

"The Adventurer's Tale"
"All Dressed Up And Everywhere To Go"
"The Answer Is More than the Question Will Hold"
"Because Purple"
"By Earth and Star"
"Different Tiger, Same Lady"
"Festival Time"
"From the Department of Cryptic Messages"
"Interstellar Forestry Studies"
"Jam Today"
"Machine Ghosts, Dancing"
"The Magic Before"
"Offworld Fashions"
"Old Enough To Burn"
"The Oracle's Garden"
"The Planet Promise"
"The Queen of Why Not?"
"She Is A Most Elegant Cat"
"Sprite Logic"
"Watching It For You"
"The Way It Started"
"We Come In Peace"
"What We Know About Spacefaring Cultures"
"The Witch Disappears"

Edited to add: They're up in the All the Shinies post now.

Second-hand shinies sales and swaps, bead trades, and other good things!
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There are a lot of Lioness shinies that have gone out into the world, and also a lot of Beads of the Month packages. Some of you have asked me to put this post together to help those neglected shinies and unused beads find people who can have new fun with them.


1. Make a post in your own LJ or Dreamwidth or other journal or blog. List the shinies and beads you have that you'd like to sell or swap. (It's fine with me if you put things that you didn't get from me in your posts too; just have at least one Lioness-sourced item if you want me to put a link to your post here in this index post.) Describe them and tell what you'd like in exchange for them. (You can handle that any way you want.)

2. Send me the link to your post, and I'll add it to this index. If I've got photos of the pieces, I'll put links here.

3. Handle the transactions in your posts, to keep everything swift and tidy. (Lionesses in November and December shouldn't be the slowdown point for passing messages along, if you know what I mean. Lionesses should be at the workbench!) Arrange for your sales and trades, and work out shipping to your lucky recipients.

4. Everybody enjoys what they got. Yay!


moiread has a lot of shinies
... and that's what we've got so far. Whee!

Send me links to your posts at lionesselise@gmail.com if you'd like me to add them. I will add sale/swap post that contains at least one Lioness-sourced bead or shiny. Have fun!

one step forward, one step back, two hops into the shinies and salute your partners
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There was bead-sorting yesterday, and some shiny-making after bead-sorting was done. There's a necklace up there in rather spooky whites and blues and greys that should be getting its tag tomorrow if things go well. There's part of a necklace of green astrophyllite, if that's really what it is. Odd stuff. Interesting. Flashes of green light in it.

There was mailing of Beads of the Month packages today, and then a supremely frustrating errand run that took more time than I hoped, but I did get back in time to do a bit more shiny-making. There are earrings with givre glass (which some of you got in your BotMo packages), and others with some intense lampwork.

Tomorrow I hope for a lot more shiny-making before I have to go take this computer to the Genius Bar, because it suddenly won't recognize the external keyboard. Eh. Frustrating. But I have the appointment, so we shall see what they can do. (Ran diagnostics already here; nothing detected. Juan monkeyed with it too; no joy. So Genius Bar.)

And now I am going to go sort more beads, and possibly play with that astrophyllite necklace in progress, which doesn't need daylight at this point to be worked on. I prefer working in daylight, because I like strong natural light. No matter how full spectrum an artificial light claims to be, I see different things in daylight, and it matters to my art. But that necklace has its beads all laid out, and it's only a matter of rhythm and spacing now, not color, so that's OK.

Are you also opinionated about light and work?

this is life, already in progress
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I'm home from memorials and bead-buying. Now it's time to rejoin life, to get back to work. Daily work, both artmaking and housekeeping, is when all the events of the past weeks get slowly sorted out under the surface thoughts, held and considered like a new bead, and put in places where they might go. Usually, eventually, they become part of something new.

May it be so.

I'm remembering Velma a lot, and making various moves to embrace my life. I want to do so with even a fraction of the willingness and passion Velma brought to hers.

So today I sort beads. Some of them are going into packages for my Beads of the Month people, which is work full of delight. "Ooh, look at this bead! Isn't this a great bead? Oh, hey, this other stuff -- check out what this rock does! Whoah!" Someday soon I'll make a post about bead buying and bead selling and the process of selecting the beads that go into packages, but today I'm just sinking into the bliss of sorting and combining and allocating all the treasures that came home with me yesterday.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US, and since I'm deeply thankful for being able to make art and have it find its people, I'm going to take tomorrow through Sunday as an art marathon. There will be shinies! I'll try to take photos as I go and show you what's happening.

What are you thankful for? And what are some ways you embrace your life, little or big?

found while going through chats and emails for Velma's sister
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I'm on the trail of some quotes from Velma that Helen might need, and in the process of searching, I found this:

"I miss you. More than I have words for. The way you tilt your head, the way you think about things."

I miss her so much.

Memorial on Tuesday.

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[This is what I said at the memorial in Seattle, more or less.]

(A few years ago I had a stroke and ever since then I cry easier than I did before. So I am probably going to cry while I do this and you can cry too if you need to, and we're going to just deal, OK? OK then.)

I've been trying to put words around Velma. She's in so many memories with words and motion: dancing in a blonde wig at Night of a Thousand Stevies, or tilting her head in candlelight at a cafe about to say something about the nature of love or life or art. Or standing at the front of the room next to a piano, with a microphone in her hand.

But putting words together about Velma right now is hard. I mostly think of words coming *from* Velma: the zines, the quoted bits from journals, the emails, the chats. The letters. The lines from songs, from shows. And in person, the delicate, incisive analysis of the human condition as manifested in people we liked or loved or were sometimes completely irritated by. (Change that "or" to "and", actually.) One of the things about dancers is that they can eyeroll with their whole body. Also, you know how some people can give you a look? A picture may be worth a thousand words; Velma could give you a look that was an entire novel.

Words flowed out of her fingers, too: the journals she kept, letters she wrote. All the colors of ink, the different pens: magic wands for the words to flow through. She loved pens and handwriting so much. One memory of great joy was when we had been poking around at some genealogy. I had found something since the previous day's explorations, and called her over to look at an electronic copy of an original census record in Manhattan a few generations back. I said, "OK, this census record is from 1900, and here's your great grandfather listed -- and up here at the top? He was the census taker. So this is all in his handwriting." She studied it, looking at where it was reminiscent of hers and where it was different. There's a bag of beads from Velma, sitting on an altar at my house, with a note in I think green ink, in letters that look like they are dancing themselves, saying "I'll email you." Since she moved to Seattle, email and chat is mostly how we talked, except when she came to WisCon and we spent four days in a kaleidoscope of books and shinies and convention conversations. Didn't matter if it was in person or in pixels or on paper, though: Velma talked about pleasure and pain and life and love and art... and who's going to sit over sushi and make sense of the world with me now? Who's going to know and understand that saying "Damn, pretzel man" to each other can be both sincere appreciation and gentle self-satire?

And who's going to get me into a gathering of amazing Stevie Nicks drag queens and cosplayers in a costume built of lengths of PVC pipe and shower curtains and clothesline and a row of hanging lace skirts and shawls and a sign on my back reading "I Am Stevie's Closet"? Because knowing Velma meant that you were going to have Adventures. And you were going to go places you never expected to, do things you had only dreamed of or maybe didn't even know enough to dream of but were delighted to find out. Delighted, and honored, and awed.

She took me places I never expected to go. She introduced me to music and shows and artists. She was wicked and funny and loving. She had a way of quoting "we're all freaks depending on the backdrop" that put everything in perspective. And she helped me through the hard times after my partner Mike died. She was my friend in the lands of love and art.

I'll close with a few lines from Passing Strange, a show she introduced me to that became my favorite musical in the whole world. It's something she'd want us to remember.

"Art is made up
But artificial it ain't
Art is love in clay and words and paint
Play on."

Play on.

East Coast memorial service for Velma (Vijay) deSelby-Bowen
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A memorial service for Velma deSelby-Bowen will be held Tuesday, November 18, in the theatre of St. James Presbyterian Church, 409 W 141 St (corner of 141 St and St Nicholas Ave) in Manhattan. The service will begin at 6 pm and will be followed with a light repast.

NOTE: If you plan to attend, please confirm by email to lionesselise@gmail.com, so that adequate preparations can be made to accommodate everyone at the service. (If you forward or repost this notice, please include this information as well. Thank you.)

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